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I have just discovered the new sport of geocaching. I would like to purchase a GPS that will meet my needs now and in the future. my first thought is to just buy a basic model but when I've done that with other sporting toys I usually end up having to buy something better once I've gotten some experience. I'd like to bypass that 1st step. Any recommendations?

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Get a good mapping GPS. If money is no object, the Garmin GPS V is a great choice. It has mapping and auto routing (You key in a destination and it tells you where to turn). You can find it for around $400. It's widely considered to be one of the top consumer grade handhelds around.


Other good choices are the Garmin Map 76S, and if you prefer something more compact, the Garmin eTrex Vista (for around $300), or the eTrex Legend which (was $169 at Amazon.com last I looked). The Legend is just a stripped down version of the Vista with less memory and a missing a few other bells and whistles. Its a great value. Check their website.


On the Magellan side, the Meridian Platnum is considered to be one of their top units and the Sportrak Pro is a pretty good value.



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Originally posted by RunnerTG:

I have just discovered the new sport of geocaching. I would like to purchase a GPS that will meet my needs now and in the future. Any recommendations?


You don’t need to purchase an entire Global Positioning System. The US government has launched a system that appears to be working well. You may find it to be cost prohibitive as well.


If you want to find geocaches, a simple GPS receiver will fit your need and save you a few bucks too.


OK, that’s a joke. What Briansnat said.




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The only ones with a two way radio I know of are the Garmin Rinos. The 110 and 120.


They are most useful if you get them in pairs (a bit expensive though), because you can take advantage of their position reporting feature. It will show you on the screen, exactly where the person you are taking to is in relation to you. This is great for skiing, hunting, walking around Disnyworld, or any activity where you may split up. But they also

work well as stand-alone GPS units.


Here's a link:




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I've seen the Rino's on sale on various internet sites at really deep discounts. Try the "flying J" E store. I'd post the link but I can't fugure out how at the moment. Look into the past threads about this issue, too.


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Originally posted by Artisticbean:

I am in a similar position. I promised my 16 year old if he got a B in English. I would get him ones with a two way radio. He got an A.........


When I read this, I thought it would end with, "so he didn't get a GPS." icon_wink.gif


Seriously, I have the Vista, and like it. Not really expensive (compared with the Street Pilot III) and it does everything I need it to do. Someday, a SP2610 may be part of my setup......


The units with a FRS radio are neat as well, but you will want to carry several extra batteries with you for those as they have a relatively high current draw when transmitting.


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