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Mapsend uploads

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I have mapsend streets and destinations and use it with my sportrack pro. I was curious about something and have not been able to find the answer. It has to do with managing the maps that you upload to the gps. If I want to add a small map to the empty memory on my gps, it seems that I have to upload ALL the maps. I can't figure out how to just upload one map. If I upload just one map it seems to delete all the other maps that were loaded on the gps. Also, is there a way to delete just one map out of the gps?

Thanks for the help

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Can you establish a "region" with the Mapsend software for your sport track? icon_confused.gif


with my MAP330 I can upload small map regions of different names to get better detailed streets of specific areas where I'm going. icon_biggrin.gif


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For the meridian createthe maps asyouwould normally, but have the unit off.


Then go to c/program files/magellan/mapsend/export .Then copy the file "maps"(img) to your card. You can then rename this to any 8.3 name then. You know will have the same regions that you would if you downloaded it through theserial cable.


What I think your doing is your going a step further and going into the "images" file and coping one of those. This will only give you one region.


You can also save many sets(1 set is any thing contains more than 1 region), or many diffrent regions on the SD card and switch them with the "card utility" function in version 3.12.


Wyatt W.


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