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A Good Starter Unit

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A basic unit is all you ever really need, IMO. I don't see the point of maps, etc. When I want to do a cache, I download the Mapquest. I've used both an eTrex (basic yellow unit) and an eTrex Venture. I like the Venture for the easier user interface - with the joystick - but both work just fine. The Venture has WAAS, which is nice, but in practice it makes only a marginal difference on accuracy. And, really, I've discovered that you shouldn't rely too much on the GPSr, anyway. It just gets you into The Zone. At that point, you should stop looking at your GPS receiver and start looking for hides. And any GPSr will get you into The Zone.


P.S. Some folks say Magellan has better reception. My nephew, who went from eTrex to Magellan, hadn't noticed any significant difference when I asked him. Maybe if he sees this post he'll offer his thoughts on that. All I can say is, reception's good enough with eTrex, even under leaf cover.



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A plain GPS like the eTrex yellow will work fine for finding a cache.


But, spend the extra $70 and get mapping. A mapping unit allows more waypoint, more tracklog points, more routes, and maps.


Maps are very use when driving to the cache site.


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I got my Magellan Meridian for $99. WAAS enabled, mapping, etc. Upgraded the memory and got Mapsend Topo for around another $100. How can you go wrong. Even with all the upgrades it's still cheaper than the other standard units.


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