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Rino 110/120 (bad news)


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We were informed that due to production problems, not to expect these units until after the first of the year. They will evidently be shipping a few before that, but only to the big accounts, like Cabela's and the sort. it sound like they will be divied out with an eye-dropper until Jan. Bummer....the waiting list grows....


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Originally posted by Cache Canucks:

Just the most recent in a series of postponed Rhino release dates. Considering the protracted "...production problems..." Garmin seems to be having in bringing the Rhino to market, I would *not* be tempted to snap one up from the first batch to hit the stores.

I wouldnt worry. I think most of Garmin's problems with the Rino are legal, not technical. As has been discussed elsewhere, The Rino has features that are currently not legal to use (The cool feature where the Rino shows the location of other Rinos). Garmin has asked that the current laws be changed to allow the Rino. That hasn't happened yet, at least when Fouts and I looked into it a month ago. Garmin did get temporary permission, but probably are not eager to market an item that might become illegal to use in 12 months


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