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Question About a feature in the Rino120

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I am needing some help understanding a feature in the Rino 120.


On page 22 of the manual, it talks about CDI scale and Bearing Pointer/Course Pointer.


I am having problems understanding Course Pointer and the CDI Scale. When do I use this feature and how is the best way to use it.


Also, do not understand at what scale to set the CDI.


Thanks for the help


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The CDI or Course Deviation Indicator is a different way of telling whether you are going 'Straight' towards your waypoint goal.


First some Vocab...

Bearing Pointer - That's the default config that shows a heavy dark arrow pointing the direction towards your goal. If you turn away from the goal, your arrow still follows the goal, even if it is not inline with your direction of travel.

Course Pointer and CDI is an option that shows you how far you deviate from the direct line to your goal, a line showing the correct direction of travel will move to the side, showing that you are off to one side or other of the direct path to your goal.


The Rino 120 Manual shows pictures of the two options for Bearing Arrow and Course Pointer arrow with CDI. In PDF format, you'll find page 22 of the manual on Page 32 in the Acrobat Reader version.


I'll verify scale, but I believe the small x's that show the perpendicular deviation line are spaced apart to show incrementally how far you are off of the original path.



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Thats what my lowrance airmap does...you can set the scale for the CDI and this sets what it means when the cdi needle if full scale to the side. That can be anywhere from feet to miles depending on the scale setting.


For flying it might be nice to have it set on a mile or so, for boating maybe better to be 200 feet or so...

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