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I plead stupidity to Magellan software, so I ned some help. I know there is an issue with downloading large maps into large Mb data cards. Can anyone tell me the work-around for this issue? I am trying to help a friend get his 128mb card loaded. I will call Magellan if need be, but I figured I'd ask the real experts first!


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Originally posted by Alphawolf:

Can anyone tell me the work-around for this issue? I am trying to help a friend get his 128mb card loaded.


Is the problem with making the map itself, or getting it onto the SD card? If you can't make the map in mapsend, pull up the file "mapsend.ini" (it's in the 'Mapsend Topo US' directory) and change the line that looks like:



to this:


or maybe even:



If the problem is getting the huge map file onto the Meridian, use an SD card writer and not the serial connection.


Hope this helps!



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There is also an issue, without workaround, that the larger the map, the looonnngggerrr it takes to actually make the map. If you try and make a single 128mb map, it can take days just to make, even on a fast computer.

It's better to make four 32mb regions and upload that.

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Originally posted by Mr. Rose:

the US TOPO will not let us transfer our topo maps to a SD card programmer like the streets and destinations does.

Topo was not designed with this feature, so you have to do it the long way.


Um.. somewhere there are directions.. directions came with my software actually.


Anyway, basically you tell the program to send the map to your GPS, but you don't hook your GPS up. The program will return an error, then you simply go to your harddrive and locate the saved map that was supposed to be uploaded to your GPS and copy it to your SD card.


Hopefully someone can point you to the real directions.



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