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A Topo Question. Please help.

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I received the MAP 76S with software today and was very pleased. Unfourtunately I got it through Ebay and now I may see the dowfall in that decision.


I installed the Roads & Rec CD with no problems but when I tried to install the Topo CD the only CD of the three in the case that could be installed was the West CD. The other two have no installation information whatsoever. In fact, when I open the CDs on my computer the only thing in them are folder with the names of the CDs "East" "Hawaii" and "Alaska." Inside all those folders are many files that I assume are maps but when I try and open them I'm told they are not valid MapSource files. Do you know where I can find the information I need to get the other two programs loaded? I live on the East side of the country so right now this software is pretty much useless to me.


Thank You, Erin

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This could be that software that you have to go to Garmin.com and purchase software (unlock) keys in order to access certain regions. Could be....


Got a Legend and so far haven't experienced any thing like that. YET!


Best of luck to you!


~Honest Value Never Fails~

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I own this software and the US west is the install disk. The install will have you insert each disk in turn. After the software is installed, you launch the program, and can open any of the maps throughout the US. You will need to insert the disk for the region you are wanting to veiw, but you should be able to see any US location. There was a cd key however, that you will need to unlock the program.


Hope this helps

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FWIW, the MapSource Topo set that I have only expects you to run setup from disk 1 (Western). Then, from inside the application you select Topo West, East, Alaska, Hawaii from the drop down menu.


After you've marked maps for download (or zoomed in for detail), you get prompted to insert the appropriate CDs. (You can actually store the map data on your hard disk (at least with the old version I use), but you have to tweak some values with RegEdit.)


Good Luck,


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JJF is correct. Further, you can have multiple MapSource programs installed and running all from your hard drive as well.


Create a folder on a hard drive with lots of space. Call it MapSource or Garmin or whatever.

For each different MapSource product, create another folder and perhaps give it the name of the product (such as European RandR or MetroGuide USA).

Copy each CD, in it's entirety, into separate directories named "Disk1", "Disk2", etc.










Run the setup.exe program from the folder named "Disk1" and allow it to do a "full" install. Do this for each different MapSource product.

Apply the latest MapSource updates from Garmin.


In doing this, all your MapSource products run from the hard drive and your CDs can remain safe from harm. It's important that you run the installer from your hard drive and not the CD so that the correct registry entries are created. If you have already installed MapSource, the easiest way (if you are non-technical) is to uninstall and re-install. If you are technical, you probably know how to edit registry keys already.


I have MetroGuide, US Topo, Canadian RandR, and parts of European RandR all running on the same hard drive like this. Works like a charm. Takes up 3GB, though, so make sure you have drive space to spare.





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