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data backup for etrex

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... the site said all my data would be erased and I should backup. How do I backup the data?


The upgrade will not touch any maps loaded to the unit, but will delete all of your waypoint and track-log data.


I save/purge tracks the day that they were created, so saving them wasn't an issue with me. But if you're looking for a quick and easy way to archive your waypoints and/or routes, you might just want to use EasyGPS to download all of the waypoints from the GPSr, and save them to your PC.



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A few other things it will clear out that you can't back up...


o Any user settings you have made (map/screen layout, etc)

o Unit Identification (if you have set it up with your name, address, etc)

o Calendar Notes

o Alamanac Data


When you do this upgrade you basically have a new off the shelf unit with most regards.








Cache'n Retrievers


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