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CacheMaps 3.2 available for download


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I proudly present to you:

CacheMaps version 3.2

New features are added, old features still exist..

LocLess2Loc is now also available within CacheMaps. This function allows you to get the locations of all logs of a locationless cache and project it on a map.

LocLess2Loc can also be downloaded separately.


In short CacheMaps can do the following:




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Originally posted by scoobie10:

Thanks for the post. You may want to check your link, I think you've made a typo.





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I'm not allowed to edit my message anymore. So you have to use the link in my signature logo...


Too bad I can only view 50 caches without paying to register

You actually can add more that 50. Only you are allowed 50 at a time. So if you split your loc- or gpx file in parts of 50 caches you can work around :-)


Registration will cost whatever you think CacheMaps is worth to you. The lowest PayPal will accept is $1. If it is worth less for you, then don't use it! (or send me a mail to request a regcode).

I ask for registration just to have a good feeling. I will not get rich from geocaching (although www.geocashing.com is the link I use :-)


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The one problem I have with it is the mapping. None of the links to Topozone, Mapquest, etc. are working. The error message says something about an invalid URL format.

The map on the main page is difficult to use. I can't seem to be able to zoom in to the level I want or center where I want. When I try to resize the map, it asks to get information from the Internet then times out after 30 seconds.

Maybe this is all in the manual, but I haven't had time to look at that yet.


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Yes, it is all explaned in the manual.

First read the installation manual on my home page.

In short:

- Online maps and new AreaMaps only work when you are online :-). Existing AreaMaps can be selected offline. However these are not intended to give a lot of detail.

- The AreaMap needs MapTool to be installed properly (if not it will timeout after 30 secs)

- The online maps may need to be re-initialized. Go to the Setup screen and select the cmx-files you want to use. This should make the maps work.

If you are still having problems, send me the CacheMaps.log file(s) generated. This contains all details on how it is trying. Be aware that this file is overwriting itself every time you try something.


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