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Setting Coordinates in Garmin V.... Help Please


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I am a Magellan user, but have to help a friend tonight learn how to set coordinates in his Garmin V i.e. he wants to find a microcache that has coordinates in it and needs to be able to enter those coordinates into his unit. Can someone please tell me what I need to show him... thanks for any and all help and suggestions!





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1) Being a Magellen user, you 'should' be alble to stumble through it w/o needing the manual.


2) I assume your friend received a manual with the purchase of the V. It's pretty straightforward.


Sorry for no real info here, but he manual will help you easily if you can't figure it out on your own.


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Hold down the entermark button, unit should beep and display a page for the spot upon which you are currently standing.

Scroll down to the latlong and press enter.

Change the latlong to ones of your liking.

Scroll around and change the other fields if you like.

Select OK, map, or GoTo.

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