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Dissapearing satelite !!

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Went out today to test differences between a magellan 315 and a MLR SP24 ... after switching on both at a very open space the MLR indicated me 9 possible satelites and the MAG 1 more (No 10 at aprox. 45° SE). On the MAG I didn't get any signal from satelite 10 and after a few minutes it dissapeared from the screen !!!


does anybody can explain this ????

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Most likely do do with mask cut-off angles. Some receivers will use all satellites right down to the horizon (0 deg mask) and others can be as high as 10 degrees. Most receivers have fixed masks some can be user defined.


All other things being equal (and not a lot between different GPS receivers are completely equal) the MLR appears to have a mask angle of a few degrees.


In any event the low horizon satellites (rising or setting) generally introduce the most issues into the position solution. Really don't want them anyway so some manufacturers mask them out. Other manufacturers show right down to the horizon, which gives the impression their units are better 'cause they can see more satellites, not so.


Cheers, Kerry.


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Actually I have noticed the same thing with a magellan gold, and a 315. Sometimes one or the other would have an extra satellite. I though it may be low on the horizon so I looked at which one was diffrent and found that it was fairly high up (also I got signal from the extra satellites too).


Wyatt W.


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