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Inaccurate basemap in GPSmap76S

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I just upgraded my e-trex Legend for a GPSmap76S.


I took a couple of known coordinates that I had mapped in my e-trex as well as on ExpertGPS. The coordinates showed up on both the e-trex basemap and ExpertGPS in the "exact" right spot.


I entered the same points into the GPSmap76 and the points that showed up on its internal basemap were to the south and to the east of where they should be.


Can the basemap be off? Is there a way to fix it?


Any help would be appreciated :-)


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It's using WGS84

The question is...Is WGS 84 the same as you had your legend set to? If it is not, then the waypoints will not be the same. As far as I know, (Which admittedly isn't much) the basemaps are the same between the models. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.


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Both were set at WGS84.


To test this I just entered a point into ExpertGPS based on the Lat/Lon from my GPSmap76 and the coordinates of two intersecting streets. The GPS76 shows the point being at the actual intersection (it's a city reference). The ExpertGPS shows the same point being 503 feet away to the northwest.


This ain't right!


Nothing Worth Knowing Reveals Its Secrets Easily - A Friend

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