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Never owned a GPS need help

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I need advice. I am wanting to purchase a GPS for riding motorcycles in the woods of Oregon. It is very easy to get lost & I would like something to tell me where I am in a movable map page, I guess. What I mean is I would like to mount this unit on my handlebars, look at it as I ride know when a road or trail intersection is coming up etc. Oh yeah, how to get back to my truck also. I expect that there will be no maps of the trails in the area, which brings me to my next wish. I would like to creat my own "database" of riding area trails so I can map out a loop before I take off & just let the unit show me the way. I need to build/add to these maps as new trails are discovered by me. Finely, if I have previously mapped out a trail & added it to my map database, will they show up on my movable map as I ride by them or approach them? It would be nice to start out with a map that shows the major fire roads in the area & then as I ride build my own complete map of the area showing all the trails available for me to ride at a later date, see where they start, & find out where I will end up if I choose to take that trail. Anyway, Its a lot of questions. Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks, Mark

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Here's more information than you ever wanted to get yourself into: http://gpsinformation.net/

I think you'll find that it's going to be tricky to get your own trails on the map, but it can be done using routes...any mapping gps will do it.

Offhand, I'd recommend something small like the Garmin etrex Vista or Legend, or the Magellan Sportrac. I know the Magellans are pretty rugged...which may be a concern of yours on a bike. There's plenty of info for you to read...good luck



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I can't say I'd recommend the Legend or Vista for the motorcycle. The reason being is that the displays are infamous for becoming faulty when the unit is subjected to prolonged vibration. A very high percentage of etrex owners (luckily not me yet) have had this problem.


Another reason why the etrex would be bad for the motorcycle is because of the smallish display. It would make it very hard (and unsafe) to read while driving.


Therefore, the best units I'd recommend would be a Garmin V ($339) or a GPSMAP 76 (~$300). The nice thing about the V is that it already comes with everything you need practically and it is priced very well. Mapping software, pc cable, auto cable, and dash mounting kit are all included for $339 at GPSNOW.com. It also gives you turn-by-turn directions, which the GPSMAP and etrex gps's do not.


Good luck with your choice, and make sure to get some rechargeable batteries! icon_smile.gif



Garmin Vista

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Ram Mounts are very sturdy. You will need a good mount for off road.


I recommend the Garmin Map 76, or the Magellan Meridian. For their screen size.


Since your mapping trails, you should go with the Map 76. I've read that the Garmins have more track points. Which makes your track lines more accurate.


Both of these GPS receivers come with a data cable only. You will have to buy the mounts and software for them.



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