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card reader kills card

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I purchased a Lexar SD card reader last week. To make a long story shorter - the card reader killed my sd card. I have used the sd card for almost 2 years (just 16mb), but imediately after tryiing (unsucessfully) to write to it with the card reader my Meridian Green is no go with the card in place. Works just fine without a card or with the new card I had to buy.


The big bummer though (aside from the money for the new card) is Lexar's customer service. I wrote them an email via their web site. They promice 2 days reply to customer problems. That has been 8 days ago and not a peep.


The retailer has refunded my money for the card reader (as Lexar did not respond themselves), but I am still out the money for the new card.


Anyone know how to get satisfaction from Lexar or having problems with Lexar?

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I don't know that this is the problem, but I hope I can help.


This is similar to a problem we see with digital cameras a lot. Your reader modified the format of your card. Your GPS is looking for one format and your reader/OS produced another.


If you like, you can forward the card to me and I will re-initialize it. You might also check to see if the Meridian has a format command in one of the menues.


Good luck!

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Thanks for the offer, however I think the card is a crispy critter. The GPS will not even turn the screen on if the card is in it. It is like the batteries are completely dead (even with new batteries) If I take it out or use a new card it works just fine. Also, after this happened the card reader would not reconize it either. I read of a problem (on another forum) with the exact simptoms with a new card. The manufacturer replaced the card and said the original one was bad.


The better news is that I sent a copy of my post to Lexar telling them I posted it here (with 46,000 members). I got a reply in less than 5 minutes saying that they will get back to me within 48 hours! Power of the pen?? We'll see!

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Depending on the maker of your memory card *MANY* of the card makers offer lifetime or 5 year warrantees on their cards. You may want to check out if you can get it fixed for free.


One more thing to consider in doing this. Play dumb. Many times you can call them say you bought it a year ago and now it's fried. Without a receipt you can usually still get them to replace it for free.


Might save you a few bucks. Most memory cards are inexpensive nowdays but every penny counts.








Cache'n Retrievers


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