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How many mb for a Magellan do I need?

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I currently have a Magellan 315 that's great except for no roadmaps. I'm going to give my 315 to my daughter, and was looking to update to one of the sleeker looking Magellans with maps. Now I see that they come in various amounts of memory that are proporational to price. I'm not planning the upgrade for anything else than being able to look at backroads for a "shorter" approach to caches.


My question is how many megabytes memory do I need if I want to be able to upload the majority of West Virginia at one time?

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For what you want to use it for, I would just go with the Meridian Green (also referred to as the Meridian GPS).

Best bang for your buck right now, at $110 at Outpost.com

It only has the 2MB basemap, but I get by fine with mine. I rarely ever use the zoom level on the maps above 1.60miles, which is the last level of the detail map. Once you zoom out to the next level, 3.5miles, thats where you see only the basemap.

For the difference in price, I would suggest going with a 64MB SD card, unless you find a REAL good deal on a 32MB.

Around here, 64MB are generally under $10 more than a 32MB, for twice the storage.

This is the setup I am running.

With my 64MB card, I can fit most of NY and all of PA in a 24MB region.







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I've just started using my SporTrak Map (usually use a Garmin Vista), and I've got the Canadian and US MapSend maps for it. The SporTrak Map has 6MB of space for map downloads, and I can actually download a pretty huge area in that space. Basically, everything within about a 6 hour drive from here, and there's still lots of extra space (I didn't use all 6MB). I haven't compared features of the SporTrak Map with other Magellan units (I won it), but it definitely has some nice features. It costs a bit less than my Vista, but has almost as many features (except the altimeter and electronic compass) so I think it's a pretty good unit for the money.

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Thanks for the information. I made a mistake in thinking that it didn't have expandable memory and you had to buy the GPS to whether it had 2 to 8 mb internal. So obviously for what I want I should just buy the cheapest and then buy some expandable memory.

I just bought the Magellan Meridian for $110 on outpost.com and 64 mb memory for $32 from amazon. Like you said, it was only $4 more than 32mb.

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I have a Sportrak Pro, which has 23mb of space for maps. I have a map area that includes all of Calfornia from South of Carmel, to North of Lake Shasta. This takes up about 22mb. That should give you a rough idea of how much you might need. If you travel a lot, you might need more so that you can load multiple map areas and switch them on the fly without being near a computer.



"All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer with a backlit GPSr"

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