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Mapsend Topo maps too big???

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I have a Meridian with a 128m SD card. I got a USB card reader/writer because I got tired of how long it took to load maps (I switch from No. California to So. California enough to make this a real hassle) Loaded two fat, juicy maps on the card (with room to spare). Followed the advice of Leatherman on another topic on this forum ('Do I need a card reader/writer?') When I went to change maps on the GPSr via 'Menu / Card Utilities / Change Map / Detail Map', I got the message 'Invalid Detail Map File'. FYI - Yes, I have the latest version of the Meridian software. Was I just too greedy with the size of the maps I loaded on my card? Is that the problem when I try to change maps? How many maps can you load on a SD card? I understand that the Meridian can only handle 4 maps, but are you constrained to that amount on your card? I looked, but could not find this information anywhere.


Thanks for any advice y'all can give me.


"Could be worse...could be raining"

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I have that same problem and my maps are not too big. They're ~15megs each and I have 3 of them on my card. I have found that if I turn off the detail map, then reload another of my maps, it will work. Or maybe I have to do a restart before it will properly load another map..I don't remember. I haven't found much info at all on this error, and when I emailed Magellan's tech support, I got the following response:


Sir, if your gps flash/base memory is a 4.06 or higher, you will have "Utilities Option" on your menu. If you click on that, From that menu, you will the "Change Map" option. This option will allow you to select what map you want to view. If you need further assistance please call technical support @ 1-800-669-4477 M-F 6am-5pm



Technical Support


Not too much help, but they did leave a number. I haven't had a chance to call them yet, so I haven't gotten any further on the problem. If you call them and make any headway, could you post here and let us know what to do icon_biggrin.gif

good luck



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When using downloaded maps, there is a restriction of four regions joined together in one file. This means that you can have at most four rectangular regions of detailed coverage. There is an undocumented technique to get around this limitation. It requires that you have a SD card writer for your computer.


First, create and download a map to your SD card as usual. Then, from within Windows Explorer, go to your SD card writer, and change the name of the map file from "detail00.img" to something more descriptive, such as "californ.img" or "n_dakota.img". Be certain that the base part of the file name is eight character or less, and that the file name still ends with ".img". If you do not see the ".img" ending, then do not worry because Windows Explorer won't let you change the ending. Once you have done this, use the MapSend software to send another map to the card. Then change the name of this new map also. When you are done, you will have two or more maps on the card, each with a different name.


Now - how you gain access to the hidden menu to do change the names of the maps on the GPSr... the information is really too much to post here, but if you go to the Yahoo Group, Magellan_Meridian, you can find the FAQ in the files section. You will need to register to see this but it is free and worthwhile.




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This may sound lame, and probably will not help pizzachef, but I did get my map downloaded.


Yes I had previously done a 'Card Utilities / Format Card' as well as a 'Card Utilities / Test Card' , but talking it over tonight, the concept of the difference in formatting between the card reader/writer (using the drag and drop method of downloading the files through my computer's file manager), and the Meridian itself as a possible sticking point was brought up. A message of 'Invalid Detail Map File' probably being the result of the GPSr not being able to read the file contained on the SD card properly. Took a chance and performed 'Card Utilities / Format Card' again. Was prompted that I would loose all my data, but went ahead and did it. Lo and behold, all the data was still there and I was able to select the map file I wanted. Why it did not erase all the stored data, I have no clue.....but it's working!


Nice tips, TotemLake...I will use them when I add to my card.


"Could be worse...could be raining"

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