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GPS on Car Dashboard

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I recently found an interesting product to help keep your GPS from sliding around your car dashboard. This works great on triangular GPS's like the Garmin III+ and Garmin V. It is called Sticky Pad by Handstands and retaisl for $7.00 or so. It is a 4 X 6 inch sheet of material about the thickness of a piece of shoe leather. It sticks to the dash and supplies enough friction to keep my GPS from sliding around. It is removable, cleanable and reusable. It works better for me than Garmin's sandbag. icon_biggrin.gif

Sticky Pad web page



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I have found that some unused mousepads along with velcro can work pretty good. You can cut the mouse pad to whatever size you like. It will not slide on the dash. And if you stick one part of the velcro to it, then the GPS stays put and you do not have to worry about something being stuck directly to the dash.


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It works great. Plus it had a place to put the car adapter in it so that I don't need to screw in the battery cable any more (yes!). I just snap the GPS into the holder and I'm on external power. Magenllan Meridians definitely like to be vertical, so that is the orientation. It also makes it a nice heads up display, especially when backlit at night.



P.S. I had to creatively shave the sides of my car adapter to get it to fit in the windshield mounted thing, but it wasn't too tough. I just used a sharp knife that I had picked up from a cache and shaved the sides down until it fit perfect. I'm sure they sell one that fits perfect, but I already had this one and didn't want to buy another.

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Ya gotta make sure your stuff is mounted securely, no matter what you use. I had my old Magellan mounted in a Radio Shack suction mount that I usually put my cell phone in. I guess I didn't 'squeeze' the sides in tight enough because the unit just popped out and hit the carpeted floor - and shut down - forever. Had to buy a new unit. Grrrrrr.


Next time I'll rest the bottom of the mount (which is at the end of a bendable arm) on the dash so as not to 'help' it fall out. And, I'll wrap a velcro strap around it as well. Maybe I'll drill a hole in the windshield and bolt the unit right through...




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I got mine at Radioshack a few weeks ago for around $5. It holds 2 eTrex units just fine. I would recommend though that you don't keep the pad on the dash because it can cause your dash to get discolored (or more accurately, the sun will cause the dash to get discolored, but it won't be discolored the same amount under the pad). Just FYI. Works like a champ; I haven't had any problems with it falling off no matter what speed I drive at.


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