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What's your GPS and is it any good?

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I don't want to get too commercial here but there may be people looking for a GPS and would consider other peoples views on the products available. So any views on your GPS? If nothing else be interesting to know what everyone else is using. Santa Claus brought me a Garmin Etrex GPS which we have been very pleased with and as it is simple to use it is ideal for me. icon_smile.gif

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I also have a eTrex which I am very pleased with.


it does not seem to work very well in wooded areas, for example on one of the cluedo caches it sent me to a different area each time a tried, as much as 300 metres apart.

I don't have anything to compare this too as its the only GPS i have ever used.

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I've got a Magellan (or should that be Thales, after the last firmware upgrade changed the manufacturer's name) 315 - which I think is probably the only one in the UK (at least it was the last time a topic like this came up)


It has a quadfiliar antenna which (in theory at least) means it should maintain lock under tree-cover better than the patch antenna on the Garmin eTrex range - never having had a Garmin side by side with my trusty Magellan/Thales I can't possibly comment icon_wink.gif

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