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Mapquest v Streetmap

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How many people use the link to Mapquest on the cache pages and how many prefer to paste the location into streetmap.co.uk to suss out where a cache is and how to get there?


I use streetmap.co.uk as it uses OS 1:50000 maps the same as the paper ones that I have.


I get fed up with having to cut and paste co-ordinates into streetmap, so as an experiment I have created a link to streetmap on our Uncle Sam cache page.



I'd like to see other people adopt the same thing if possible. Ideally I'd like to see a streetmap link generated on the UK cache pages the same way as the mapquest one. If there are enough people who would find that useful, then I'll post a request to Jeremy on the appropriate forum.

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Originally posted by Richard Beth: I tend to browse caches using Rob and Lisa's page at http://www.roblisa.com/geocache/ as those lists have links to the pages, and also the relevant streetmaps. Certainly having a link on the main page would be much more useful.


I hadn't realised that you could do that. That's a useful resource too.

I download their stuff into mapsource.

Hasn't been updated for a little while now. I guess Rob & Lisa are away at the moment.

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Originally posted by Chris n Maria:

When I print from streetmap.co.uk it always splits over 2 pages. Am I the only one who gets this?



If you print out the big map, it goes on to two pages. Click on "small map" and you will get a smaller map that fits nicely on one page.



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