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Is the cache worth the cash part II

Guest Moss Trooper

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Guest Moss Trooper

My View..


Lot of folks here in UK dislike the two tear system of caches that has arisen from the subscription.


I am going to pay up when I finally get my paypal sorted out. I am not paying a subscription I am donating. Second point, I would like to think that in UK as it is the cache owner who decides if it is a "Member only" cache or not, that we do not tick the box and let things carry on as normal.


In this way we can all play the game and Jeremy gets some dosh.


As for the logo.. Hm.. we should be able to decide in our profile if it is shown or not.



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Accortding to the instruction I got when I subscribed to Paypal, that money eventually gets refunded


Originally posted by Moss Trooper:

Hello marra..


Fraid yer gona hafta either set up a pay pal account.. which will cost ya $1.95 or there's abouts..


Oooooooooor.. nip into local bank an get a international money order.. an last place I tried was Barclays.. wa sonly bank that still done em..


Moss de Boss... Sorta



We're going to need a bigger boat!

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