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Imagine finding 20 lunchboxes at 1 location!

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Oh my gosh, well I was just plundering the net for possible cache sites in Bucks when I came accross this seemingly normal webpage talking about a monument on the chiltern hills, I visited, and what do I find?... http://chalfontholidays.co.uk/walks/walks02/walks02.htm

Please only visit this link if you dont mind seeing 'lots' of old men and women! or you are uncomfotable with nudity! I am gonna be watching my back next time I take a walk along the ridgeway icon_eek.gif


Its just a hunt for a lunch box, why be so serious!?! badgerslayer.gif


Dan Wilson - www.Buckscaching.co.uk - Stash Notes, forums & Much more...

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If you go down to the woods today . . .


Ohh err Mrs, an awful lot of those walks are very close to home. Thank God the school sponsored walk is over for another year, I would not like to have to explain meeting that lot to a bunch of year 3s!!!!




Why is it that when you're out for a walk carrying a map everyone asks if you're lost?

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Originally posted by Team Tate:

I'd just like to know where they keep their drinks bottles & sandwiches!! icon_eek.gif


The term fannypack would seem to be quite apt....


No trees were harmed during the production of this posting, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced....

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