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Geocaching on the BBC


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I happened to catch the BBC "Outlook" programme on Saturday morning in the wee small hours, and they had a bit on it about caching which was dealt with very well.


I must first mention that this is the BBC World service radio I am talking about, and the item dealt with caching globally, as you might expect, and the chief interviewee was one of the co-founders of Groundspeak. You can, for the next few days, get the program on realaudio HERE. I happen to have a minidisc clean digital recording of this segment which I might try and make available somewhere. But first I urge you to go and get it from the BBC first. The Outlook programme is 40 minutes long, and you need to skip forward to about 31 minutes in to hear the right part. As I said, this link expires on friday 21st March when the programme gets replaced by the next week's edition.


No trees were harmed during the production of this posting, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced....


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