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  1. Congratulations! On the same day we did! Good Innit.
  2. My ever resourceful wife has actually sewn a battery holder that holds about 16 AA's When its full it looks a bit like a small ammo belt....If Laura Ashley ever made ammo belts anyway 'cos it's in tapestry fabric!!
  3. We did 8 miles yesterday, But normally it's 5 to 7. The most we have done is 13 miles when doing MarcB's wrekin series all in one day. (My hat goes off to my youngest son - who managed this when he was 6 years old!) I only ever switch our Vista on just before we start to cache & so it's only ever recorded cache walking miles, It's now just shy of 200 miles after 100 caches so it's very nearly 2 miles per cache average. I'll leave now, I love numbers & stats & can get very tedious... Cheers, Gaz.
  4. I prefer photo's with big arrows on them! When we resort to the the clue we really just want to know the answer. Of course this doesn't work unless I remember to actually copy any spoiler photo's onto my PDA Gaz.
  5. aaahh........I never knew that. that explains a few things. Gaz. Edit- And after reading the GAGB Forums, That explains an awful lot more! Bugger. Never mind. Gaz.
  6. Of course this cacher can log finds on any date, time or even in any dimension he likes
  7. Just sent ours, so we can make everyone else look good by propping up the bottom of the table again...
  8. Forgive me if it's already well known, but is anyone else using GSAK? I used it for the first time tonight & I'm well pleased, so pleased in fact i thought it deserved a plug here (And it may benefit others like me who haven't heard of it before) It's certainly has a lot going for those who like me use Watcher, GPS Babel etc as it tries to cover all their functionality. See this thread here (It's 8 pages long though) Or download it from here Cheers, Gaz
  9. Just wanted to say thanks for GSAK, used it for the first time tonight & I think it's great! (Wish I had read the software forum before now ) It's certainly made life easier. Cheers, Gaz
  10. So he thinks caching is sad....to be honest, who cares what he thinks? Perhaps 70% of the people I work with think caching is daft (Or mental) but it's all water off a ducks back, I think likewise of their pastimes.
  11. Thanks to everyone for the feedback, the general concensus seems mostly positive. I guess I'll just have to wait patiently for it to be released now Cheers, Gaz.
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