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Maps showing ! instead of a smile


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Those are Drafts. Go here, edit each Draft one at a time however you like, be sure to select "Found It" as the log type, and submit it.


If you uploaded the geocaching_visits.txt file from the Garmin to the Geocaching.com web site, the logs are Drafts that show as exclamation points (!), not automatic Smilie icons.  But there are other ways to do online logs.  If you submitted the logs some other way, you may need to be more specific about the steps that caused the exclamation point icons.  And give an example of a cache that is showing one.


If you mean that you logged a find, and next uploaded a Note Draft which is overriding the Smilie icon (even after deleting the Note), I caused that to happen while testing this issue.  I made a persistent (!) map icon instead of the previous Smilie icon.  But I didn't do it the way you described, so I'm not sure it's the same thing.


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Regarding the possibly-slightly-different-issue mentioned by kunarion above found while testing the inquiry from camper248:


I have had the "phantom deleted draft" issue a few times, which causes a persistent exclamation mark ("!") draft-exists icon to appear on my map for a cache, even if my Drafts list is empty on the Geocaching website.  That usually happens to me if I have an existing log on the cache and then create a draft, save the draft, but then delete the draft before making it into a real log.  This has happened to me both when my existing previous log for the cache is a DNF or a Found It.


To fix it, I use the Geocaching website to edit my most recent log for the affected cache, and just save the unchanged log.  (Sometimes for good measure I put a space somewhere at the end and erase the space, before hitting Save, in case the editor avoids saving in case it thinks that there were no changes made.)  That gets rid of the phantom exclamation-mark-draft for me, and I see the correct icon again (blue-dnf-sad-face, yellow-found-it-smiley, etc).


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I have the same kind of problem but the ! Icon appear on my caches list not on the map :




I log all my caches the same way (draft when on the field, export to geocaching back home and log from the Pending Draft List).

But I have more and more caches randomly showing the ! Icon for no reason.


The solution of editing the caches one by one is not acceptable I have to many of them and the point of the drafts is not to have to log the caches twice.


Of course I have no pending draft either in the App or the website.


Does anyone else have this problem and know what to do about it ?





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On 4/5/2024 at 2:07 PM, Visyl said:

Of course I have no pending draft either in the App or the website.


Does anyone else have this problem and know what to do about it ?


Check this thread: 


  • You upload your drafts from the GPSr (geocaching_visits.txt)
  • You create the found logs based on your drafts -> the caches DO have smileys
  • ...a few days later...
  • You upload your drafts from the GPSr (geocaching_visits.txt)
  • You realize that there are lots of duplicate entries you have already logged... and you DELETE those drafts
  • All the caches of your deleted (duplicate) drafts will turn into an exclamation mark

They are (finally) working on this...

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