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Lewiston Cache Machine April 6 2024

Terrible Ts

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I have released the first draft of the route for the Lewiston Cache Machine on April 6, 2024. Since not everyone uses Facebook I have included the links below.  Please take a look and let me know if you find any issues. There are a few puzzles, Multis, Virtuals, Earthcaches, and Letterboxes. The puzzles seemed to be pretty easy.



It looks to be a good time.   I should have draft 2 out in a couple of weeks, and then the final a week before the event.


I am looking for restaurants that can serve a big group. If you have any ideas, please send them to me through my geocaching account (Terrible Ts)


Looking forward to it.

Terrible Ts

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I have published the Final route for the Lewiston Cache Machine.

https://coord.info/GCAMWGK Lewiston ID Cache Machine Dinner

Where:  KC's Burgers and Brew

Address:  541 Thain Rd Lewiston, ID 83501

When:  April 6, 2024,  19:30 - 21:00

Why: To talk about geocaching in the Lewiston Area.


See you all there.

Terrible Ts

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UPDATES to the route


1)      A better order for the first set of caches is:  1, 5, 6, 3, 2, 4, 7

2)      # 27 GC1H3WX Stash & Cache was DNFed today

3)      # 40 GC52718 Life is a Highway     DNF

4)      Error on cache page # 39 GCA3HAK should read W 116 Not W 117

5)      # 44 GCA49G3 good. Next skip to second parking area and Walk back for # 47 GCA4BVD

6)      Do # 51 GC7B7G9 then do # 50 GC361FV Silly’s Travel Bug Trading …

7)      # 59 GC7H9CY LMS Fun RUN Is very very muddy. You may want to skip this one

8)      Do # 88 GCA5FZJ THE INTERNET before # 87 GCAJ46X When will it be here?

9)      If you are doing # 101 GC89WN4 KC19 Goes Caching 1 thru # 110 GC89WPR KC19 Goes Caching 12. Don’t park in the camping area. Park and walk the trail.

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