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BUG: Search Filter "Geocache name contains" does not work as expected


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The filter "Geocache name contains" finds only search results where the search string is either at the start of the cachename or at least is not within some other string.

Within region Bayern search for all mysteries with WWW:

URL: https://www.geocaching.com/play/results/?ct=8&st=Bayern%2C+Germany&oid=136&ot=region&r=48.2802&cn=WWW&asc=false&sort=placeDate

This will result in the following 3 results:

What I would expect is to also see all caches of the series including this cache https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GCA0B6X


But these seems to be excluded from the search result due to the preceeding "_".


Another example which shows that in some cases a preceeding "-" seems to be acceptable:

Again within Bayern search for "kalender". You will get some caches with "Kalender", even one where there is a "-" before this textstring (100er-Kalendermatrix-Challenge).
But none of the many "Adventskalender" caches available in the region.


In my eyes this is a clear bug in the filter functionality. Either you rename field "geocache name contains" to something which reflects the real functionality or you give correct search results.


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Same but different Problem here...


I found 62 Caches with the Word "Kirche" (german for church).


When i use the search engine and i put Kirche in the "Geocache name contains" field and the filter "found by me" i get 12 Results.


and yes i checked all other options if i accidentally filter more then i wanted...




Kirche is at the beginning, in the middle and at the end.


but when i look at my gsak database the result is:





for example: why is "wildpark-kirche" in the gc website search results but "sieker-kirche" and "christus-kirche" not?


same structure, different results


thx for help



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