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adding several images to the listing - change it back, pls


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When you want to add an image to the listing, not only do you encounter the error as described HERE, but you also have to be quite patient. 

1) you need to click EDIT listing

2 ) now you have to scroll down (all the way) and click "add picture to the gallery"

3) now you can choose your picture and add it (as per the bug, mentioned above)


And here is a problem: in the old way of listing, you could continue adding more and more pictures to the listing .. but in this "new design" it kicks you out after you upload a picture. So that you have to go through steps 1 to 3 again and again and again .. depending on how many pictures you need to add .. who the hell came out with it .. this is so far probably the worst design I have seen .. or are you suggesting we should stop inserting images while creating caches? It's one after another ... 

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