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GC App and Google Maps, sometimes in walking mode. How to change.

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When I'm out caching (rural NH & VT), I always use the Geocaching app link to Google Maps to get to the next cache on my list. The problem is when the next cache is less than a mile away, Google maps will automatically use Walking mode and I can not figure out how to get back into Driving mode.


I have an older phone running Android 10 and the GC App is version 9.39.0. There are no updates to install for Google Maps.


I can force Google Maps into Driving Mode when I use it directly.


If the GC App sends a destination to Google Maps that's more than a mile, then Google Maps uses Driving Mode,  but when the App sends a destination that's less than a mile away to Google Maps, then Maps uses walking mode and there's no way that I have found to change the walking mode into the driving mode.


As far as I can tell it's because of the way the GC App sends the request to Google Maps. If I use the Google Maps Driving Mode Widget then it will always show the route in driving mode, even when it's less than a tenth of a mile.


Any thoughts or suggestions?


Marc (aka 51MarLin)

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