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Website Update: 8 Nov, 2023

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I was in the middle of logging caches from a long road trip in September. I like to drag and drop my photos when writing my logs online. I logged a few caches, making my way down my list. During this time, HQ/Groundspeak must have updated the website. The logging your cache page looks very different now. AND -- stoopid, stoopid, stoopid -- when you drag and drop your photo(s), it used to automatically resize for you before posting. Now you get an error message telling you that you need to resize your photo to be 5mb or smaller.




This slows down my logging TREMENDOUSLY. Now I have to individually reformat all my photos before dragging and dropping them to my log. This is frustrating.


HQ/Groundspeak: please turn on the reformatting feature again..............

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