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Garmin 66S with repeated "Updating GPS Firmware" message and no signal

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This is the worse possible time for this problem to be happening as I just started my trip. My GPS handheld was working fine until I removed the AA batteries for charging. As soon as I reinserted the batteries, this problem started. 


My Garmin GPSMAP 66S suddenly become non-functional with the message "Updating GPS firmware" and going 0% then 1% (see attached screenshot) and the message disappearing and no GPS function.


Unfortunately, I don't have a laptop/computer with me as I'm out of the country. I only have an Android and iPhone with me and the Garmin app installed. I don't know how else to troubleshoot and fix the GPS unit. I tried a hard reset and the problem didn't go away. My handheld is using the latest firmware. I think it's 2.70? I recalled updating it before I left for my trip. 



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