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"I love.." Wherigo - help with building one


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Hi, I want to make my first Wherigo and even though I went through several guides, some things are still unclear to me. Can somebody help me?

I am using Urwigo program and I am making the type of Wherigo from the "I ♥.." series, each dedicated to a city. 

It is sort of a tourist guide, except that the player cannot see the zones and has to discover a minimum number of the zones, e.g. 10 zones out of 40. There are no further tasks. Once he discovers his 10th zone, he receives the coordinates for the geocache.

I have successfully created all the zones but now I am stuck on how to create the task and conditions to fulfil the task.

Thanks for any advice.

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Well, you could:

- make a variable, initialized to 0

- whenever the user enters a zone, increment the variable by 1

- if at any point the variable is 10, then the user has visited 10 zones, so give them the coordinates


But that has potential issues, ie. one might be able to re-visit a previously-visited zone. You’d also need to “turn off” the zones after each visit. This could be a bit finicky, so I believe that the way other “I ❤️…” cartridges handle this is like this:


- make a variable for each zone, all initialized to 0

- when the user enters a zone, set the corresponding variable to 1

- if the sum of all the variables is ever greater than or equal to 10, then the user has visited 10 zones, so give them the coordinates

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Perhaps use the Lights Out kit on Wherigo//kit?  Create all 40 zones in one zone group, then edit the zone group itself and say 10 zones must be visited prior to going to the next zone group.  Make a second zone group with just the cache zone.  You're done.  You could export the GWZ from Kit into Urwigo and see what it did.  (If I wasn't making Kit's code builder-friendly, I would have implemented it in a far easier way.)


At times, Kit is useful.

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