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How Do I find a cache in a specific 360 degree sector for the Challenge?

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Use the challenge checker at project-gc.com.  Enter the challenge cache's GC Code or name in the "find checker" search box to find the checker for your challenge.  Run it against your account name.  Click on one of your incomplete degrees, shown in red.  A white box pops up, identifying the degree.  The blue degree number is a hyperlink.  Click on the hyperlink and all eligible caches in that degree will appear on the map.  Clicking on any cache icon bring up a popup box that has information about the cache, and a hyperlink.

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I had a similar question about degree sectors from my home. I don't believe there is specific challenge for your own home location. So how do I find which degree sectors I am missing when my home location is the base.  This is for the "All Around Cacher" badge on the GC stats page.

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