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No longer able to 'preview' Pocket Queries? The map simply loads my local 'home' area....

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I don't know what has changed, so therefore what I'm doing wrong, but whereas I used to be able to hit the 'preview' button in my list of saved pocket queries, and a map would load, showing me JUST those caches I'd captured with my Pocket Query; now, when I click on the button and the map screen loads, it ALWAYS loads up the caches in my 'home' area instead of showing me the Query caches.  I'm making sure I have the 'Pocket Query' tab highlighted - and I'm selecting the query I'm interested in from my list of saved Queries, but the map just doesn't respond in any way......it just sits on the 'home area' page that loaded up in the first place.  What has changed?  Is there a default setting I need to 'untick' somewhere to allow my map to load the caches I'm asking it to?  Attached screenshot shows my list of saved Queries, but even though I click on one of them, the map doesn't change from it's 'current' display (which is the area immediately around where I live.)   Any suggestions, please?

2023-07-27 Pocket Query map display issue.jpg

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This has been a bug on and off for a long time ( good thing they got rid of benchmarking!)  Mine has been doing the same as many others over the last year to year and a half. When I hit the pocket query preview, it just basically shows the Browse Map. Yes, there are workarounds I can use but it sure would be nice to have it work as it's allegedly supposed to.

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