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Garmin apps, smartphone link vs garmin drive app

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Thinking of replacing my ancient nuvi with one of the new Garmin Drive series units. It looks like there are two apps that will do extra stuff with these units, but I'm not finding anything that shows the difference between the Garmin Smartphone Link app vs the Garmin Drive App.


Anyone have experience with both or know of a comparison table/site?

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I have had a Drive 55 which works well for about 2+ years and use the Drive App

I think I have used the Smartphone app in the past but no more

 Looking at the Apple App Store the latter hasn’t been updated for 3 years, that says it all I think. Drive was updated 2 days ago

I am in the Uk and the Drive app has access to a GoogleMap type data base of places which is pretty good. Select your target and it sends it to the 55 when next working to generate a route 

The IPhone and 55 doesnt always connect automatically. You have to keep an eye on it. I does fire up the BluT but that will not give you traffic etc. There is a Special extra icon but the Smartphone link which has to be seen on the 55’s home page, it is like a simple bow in a ribbon. Having looked at it closely, it is freeway map turning left!   ( See attached)

 Anyway make sure the phone app is active when driving especially if you stop the car for a while and then restart

 You will not be disappointed with the 55




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