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Female geocachers?


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Having noticed that most of the geocaching enthusiasts seem to be men (if not single male cachers, then couples or families) I'm wondering if there are any female geocachers that go searching alone...?


I myself have found just one cache alone, that was GC9898 and I was at the place without a GPSr. Found it icon_biggrin.gif


In my opinion women can enjoy this sports just as much as men icon_smile.gif Comment?



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I too am a female cacher and regularly go out alone whilst the children are at school. We also cache as a family at weekends but as they aren't as keen as me I keep the tricky ones for myself! I've done some excellent caches in the UK taking 4-5 hours to complete - I regard geocaching as a hobby rather similar to owning a dog without all the hassle (the GPS only eats batteries!).

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You are absolutely right Sari. This hobby is suitable also for women. icon_smile.gif

I have found now only one cache alone but I am just starting this hobby. Perhaps I am the one who decides which cache we look for next and plan where we should place our own caches. I have quite promising places in Eastern Finland where now seems to be very quiet.

- Anja

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I am a guy, but I know a few women cachers in my country. I live in the USA...near Seattle, Washington State.


One is the Wienerdog. She sometimes goes with her husband, but over 50 percent of the time she's by herself or with other fellow cachers. She's closing in on 700 finds. She has a dog which is a Minature Dachshund...thus her name. Very nice lady and doesn't like give up on looking for a box!

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we are a group of womens (19 - 24 jears old) from Germany, and most tieme we go on Geocachingtour with out a man.


Greetings from Northern Germany




P.S. We would like to come during our hollidays to Norway to find some Caches.


Happy Hunting

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Originally posted by Team Nord (Anja, Sandra, Michaela und Ma:

P.S. We would like to come during our hollidays to Norway to find some Caches.

Willkommen in Finnland auch, wenn ihr möglicherweise jemals hierher fahren werdet! Es gibt viele tolle Caches hier auch...icon_biggrin.gif


As for the topic being about female geocachers: I usually cache alone, but sometimes my wife comes with me, especially if there will be a nice hike in nice scenery. She never goes caching alone, but yesterday she did some maintenance for one of my caches when she traveled close to it with her friend.


- I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory. -

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@ ScottJen Colleen:


we are comeing from Lüneburg and Winsen / Luhe. Its only a few miles south of Hamburg.


@ Divine:


Bestimmt werden wir irgendwann auch mal Finlannd besuchen, aber diesen Sommer fahren wir erstmal 4 Wochen mit dem Wohnmobiel durch Norwegen (Oslo - Bergen -Trondheim ... bis nach Hammerfest und eventuell durch Schweden wieder zurück.


lg Anja

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