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Uploading pics doesn't work


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I cannot upload pics to a log (using the website), no matter if I choose "drag & drop" or "select photos". At first, the pics are greyed out (which is normal while uploading), then they appear clear (which usually means that the upload is complete), but it ends with the message "upload failed". Retry doesn't work.

Not sure, if it has to do with that issue:



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Obviously no one else has this problem. Meanwhile, I found out that it occurs only on caches that have been in the field notes/drafts.

Another problem is that caches that have been in drafts still have the exclamation mark even days after logging them (and days after deleting them from drafts). Together with the other threads regarding drafts, there is apparently an issue with drafts.


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To confirm, this is 100% exactly the same issue as me (both items you mentioned)!

I'm a recent Cachly convert for adding draft notes, as I like that you can add multiple photos in that app. I was able to review drafts and publish my logs without any dramas up until 1.5 weeks ago, but then they started to "hang". I then realised that my find log would come through, but no photos would be uploaded. I then had to go into editing the log, and adding photos individually (which was slow/annoying).

I realised that I could get around the issue by deleting my photos from the draft log, and then adding them back, but this has created a slower process.


Separately, I also agree with Bergbauer that I've come to see that some of my find logs also have the ! attached to them suggesting a draft, but I have no draft logs of that cache. I figured it was a bug and as I can filter out my finds, it hasn't affected my experience yet, but it was something I was going to keep an eye on, and contact Groundspeak if it became a prolonged issue.

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Confirm the above mentioned problem since the 7th of july I can't add photo's to my logs. I thought that it was occure to the border area (WIFI problem). The systems hang and logs dissapear and apear a day later as been loged.

I can add pics afterward to the logs.  

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We have the same problem. We attach photos in the drafts in the official geocaching app, but when we have written the log and pushed "send in", the page goes grey while the photo is being uploaded. The issue is that the cache gets logged, while the upload page never stops working.

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I also can confirm the problem: For some days uploading drafts containing photos hangs. The text gets published but not the photo. The entriss disappears from the drafts page.


The JavaScript console says: `Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) https://www.geocaching.com/api/proxy/web/v1/LogDrafts/images/75a8e34f-8334-4fa1-843a-ad196032e338?geocacheLogReferenceCode=GL1AABVN2` – But interestingly this URL does not lead to an HTTP-404 error.


Maybe related to that: The draft does not get removed from the geocaching app.

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Submitted 10+ drafts from Hawaii holidays... and all were added without photos what were visible while editing draft.

Lost them all (pictures that were attached to drafts...)... including Cam caches :(((


All via web.



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