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New geocoin project, ready for ordering


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Hey all!

I just wanted to share my new geocoin project that has just launched on Indiegogo. All the details you need are there, but in short:


You can back as a collector for just a coin, but there's more to this than meets the eye. Long term goals! Lots of interaction and content to come, and those additional coins in the full set will be providing access to more rewards in the future.


It's all part of a much larger project and brand that's tying together which I've been building for years. :)


Would love if you'd consider supporting, or just backing for a coin!


The campaign page is easily visited from cachetheline.net/artifact


I was floored that just within 4 hours since launch it hit 50% of the initial goal!  And it's on its way to, hopefully, being funded - breaking even - within the first day!


This is phase one, and everything is going towards playing the long game :)


Check out their perks, and grab the earlybird add-on perk while supplies last!





on IndieGogo


Thanks everyone!

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For a MAJOR update since launch - Every stretch goal has so far been met, and the latest stretch goal:



There's officially still a week left before the campaign ends, and it needs your help to his that next goal! :D

I am blown away! :wub:

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