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Garmin 64s Not showing any data when clicking on a cache

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Good morning everyone, 


I'm a bit stuck (and so is my Garmin :)) Hope someone can help. 


I've got two Garmin 64s' in front of me and one has the following problem:


When I find a cache on the map I put the arrow on top of it so the name of the cache shows up in the top of the screen I then press [Enter]. On the one Garmin it opens up the cache details page with a blue button on the bottom saying: [   GO  ]. 

On the other Garmin I do the same thing but the page is empty with the same [   GO   ] button on the bottom. The page immediately get's stuck and all I can do is turn off the Garmin to get out of it. 

I have no idea what's going on. I put exactly the same info, the same GPX's the same maps everything the same on both Garmins...


All help is appreciated,



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