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Why won't my Garmin 64st display my geocaching activity in the Calendar tab?

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My Garmin 64st suddenly decided it wouldn't store my geocaching finds by calendar day. It just stopped doing so all of a sudden; I don't think I changed any adjustments. (It still will list any new Waypoints by calendar day.)  This is making it hard for me to keep track of my finds when I get home and want to log them on my computer.  Any insight will be appreciated. 

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Hi Bob, I can think of two things to try and you may tried these.


First, while connected to your PC, open Garmin Express to check for software updates. (Not sure if you can reinstall the current version)


Second, a hard reset may set things right. This method wipes all user data and resets all customized settings you have. That's a pain in the butt, but I've had to do this on my 64SC. Here's a link showing the steps:  64St Reset


PS- Backup any of your waypoint, tracklogs, routes before doing a reset, so you reload any you want.

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