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Importing a .lua file into the Groundspeak Wherigo builder


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This is going to be messy.


First, the builder application needs to be updated to run in a 64-bit environment.  I used to have a pinned thread about that.  Groundspeak consolidated all the pinned threads into the "Read first: Wherigo FAQ and formerly pinned threads" pinned thread.  Go there and follow the link to the "Wherigo Builder and 64-bit Windows" thread.  You'll need to update the builder app.


Next, if you're running Windows 11, I think you're out of luck.  The builder doesn't seem to work with Windows 11.  While I have the decompiled soruce code for the builder, I don't have the licenses to the referenced software needed to make a complete build of it.  There hasn't been any community interest or encouragement for me to sink in the time to fix things, so I've been putting my time elsewhere.  When I need to use Groundspeak's builder for something, I fire up an old Windows 10 desktop of mine and use that.


I've been wondering if I should spend time fixing the builder or not.  Perhaps so.

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