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Garmin Montana 650t suddenly missing important part.

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I was trying to get the old Montana 650t GPS charged up and connected, and everything was working until this morning when I noticed that the Power Button is missing. All I see now is a microswitch inside on the circuit board.


Now I am wondering if I should get a Montana 700 or a GPSMap 67, since I have the iPhone 13 Pro.??

I could keep the GPSMap 64st, or is it worth it, to upgrade to GPSMap 67 with long battery life?


No I see that the Montana 650t was from the Summer of 2011, and the GPSMap 64st was from 2014, so that one is supported with the latest firmware, to work with Garmin Explore App and website.


P. S. - I have been a Very long time away from Geocaching, GPS units, and even lack of hiking. The Smartphone and Internet to blame.

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I did get the Gpsmap 67 back during the summer, and  not used it until today.

I analyzed the GPS internal memory only to find that a 3.5 gigabyte map file was duplicated with exact matching file size.

The GPS was FULL so I moved the file off of the GPS and now the GPS is working great.

Almost needs a college course just to learn all the features.

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