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Waypoint Required When Editing A "Marked Missing" Log


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I marked a Geocoin "Missing" today, and because there's no option to add text when making that Marked Missing log, I tried editing the posted log instead.  There's a strange error upon doing so.  Not only can I not edit the log, the error message at the bottom says "You can't use this log type when there is no waypoint available".  Plus there's an error message that says "Choose a log type".  Are these temporary bugs?  I don't remember the "waypoint" thing ever happening.


And what does that even mean?  How often is a "waypoint available" when a coin is marked missing?


I realize that the log is likely not editable.  But instead of a cryptic message, I'd suggest that it say, "You can't edit this log, please create a Note log".  Or something similar.


I'd prefer the ability to edit pretty much any of my logs.  I can point out some "uneditable logs" if you don't know what they are, but start with the type mentioned in this thread.  If some particular text is required, then Okay, make that part not editable.  But please make it possible to add info, rather than requiring me to reference an uneditable log when clarifying the log.







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