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Solved Mystery caches Query


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7 hours ago, BigG59 said:

Is there a way when you run a query that it will only grab the Mystery caches that you have the solved coordinates for without grabbing the ones you haven't solved yet?

Not directly, no. The search function can find caches with solved coordinates, but the Pocket Query system hasn't caught up yet.


But you can add all your solved puzzle caches to a bookmark list, and then run a Pocket Query against that bookmark list. Or if you're using an API-based app, I think you can download the bookmark list itself, without generating a Pocket Query.


And you should be able to use the search mechanism to find your solved puzzle caches, and add them to the bookmark list.

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17 minutes ago, HHL said:

Caution: Downloading the BM list via the API does consume API quota. Downloading the BM-PQ does not.

But at the same time, the BM PQ will be missing some of the data that is available through the API.


But the only times I've hit (or even come close to) my API quota has been when I let my premium membership lapse and my quota was 3/day.

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7 hours ago, RCH65 said:

I'm still hoping that a 'solved coordinates indicator' and the personal notes will find their way into the GPX.
So many possibilites... (without the need of calling the LIVE API)

Maybe... some day... 🤪


Never gonna happen.   The last change broke too many stand-alone GPS units.

Me, I would love to see pqs optionally return json, or (better yet) parquet, but I know that will never happen either.

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