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I'm heading towards my 4th D/T loop. Prior to the update yesterday 5th April, I was able to click on the required box to show available caches in my vicinity, now the function doesn't work on my PC - I'm using Firefox. The function works on my mobile phone, but I prefer to work on a large keyboard and screen when organising where I might possibly go Geocaching. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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Dear Helpline,

My machine is a PC running Windows 10 and using Firefox as the browser. For whatever reason, all links appears to work OK on my Android Mobile phone! Do you know of any reason why this should be happening.

A list of some of the links which are currently working and associated links within some of those pages which are NOT working after your server downtime yesterday. Prior to that they were working and I have not changed any settings on my PC.

Bookmark: working

Search Geocaches: on bookmark page – NOT working    Blank page         

Play > View map: from bookmark page - NOT working                    Blank page

account/dashboard : Working >

my/statistics.aspx: Working >

Click on D/T grid box: on statistics page  NOT working with ANY box         Blank pages

Click on Profile: from account/dashboard page: Working

Click on Geocaches: Working

Click on ANY of the named geocaches: NOT working        Blank pages


It seems strange that some links work whilst others don't, the fact that it works on my Android mobile phone has me perplexed. I'm hoping someone can come up with an answer.




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Did you try to enable the cookies for Statistics? 


7 hours ago, Sorglos02 said:

It seems that the maps only work on the website, when "Statistics" are allowed in the cookies for the website.




Otherwise the map keeps blank.


Same ploblem is for the quick searches on the first page, there also the cookies for "Statistics" is required, otherwise a blank site is shown




Can you please allow the request when only "neccessary" cookies in the webbrowser are allowed?







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