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Accidentally deleted my maps!!!

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So I bought a used Garmin Oregon 450T, the map files said corrupted, when I was trying to clear out old stuff from the previous owner!  and in the process deleted my maps, and I can not seem to find maps to load to my GPS! I have tried easy GPS, and several others,  some how i can not seem to get anything loaded ;(  can anyone help ??

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You can load any OSM based map to that device internal memory or external memory (micro SD card).


There are MANY options.


Here are a some suggestions taken from GPSrChive > How To... > Maps:


  1. Garmin Map Download Sources
    • Not all maps are created equal, and no one map should be considered inferior or superior to another map based solely on price.
    • Some of the most useful maps you are likely to use with your Garmin GPSr are freely available from numerous map hosting websites.
    • When you find a free map you like, consider making a donation to promote continued development by the map author!
      • Paid Maps
        • Garmin (World Wide) Topo, TopoActive, Topo Pro, Trailhead, Cycling, HuntView, BlueChart, LakeVu, BirdsEye and City Navigator
        • onX Hunt (USA) Premium hunting unit maps that include color coded public and private land ownership names and boundaries
        • TalkyToaster (World Wide) Frequently updated OSM based maps for use with Garmin GPSr and BaseCamp
        • Backroad Mapbooks (Canada) Canada's Leading Garmin-Licensed GPS Maps Source
        • Kartmannen (Sweden and Norway) Excellent detailed maps of Sweden and Norway
        • AllTrails (USA) Rediscover the outdoors! Explore more than 60,000 user submitted trails, reviews and photos
        • wikiloc (World Wide) 12 million + of the best trails for hiking, cycling, etc. (direct download to compatible Garmin GPSr)
      • Free Maps
        • Garmin Connect (World Wide) A repository of user created tracks to help you plan your next journey
        • GPSFileDepot (World Wide) An extensive selection of some of the finest Garmin GPSr compatible maps available
        • raumbezug (World Wide) Frequently updated routable OSM maps for more than 100 countries
        • Garmin OpenStreet (World Wide) Create free routable OpenStreet maps for your Garmin GPSr
        • OpenStreetWiki (World Wide) Pre-compiled routable Garmin IMG maps from around the world
        • USERBEAM (World Wide) Pre-compiled routable Garmin IMG maps updated on a weekly schedule
        • OpenMapChest (World Wide) Pre-compiled routable Garmin IMG maps updated on a bi-weekly schedule
        • bbbike.org (World Wide) Planet OSM extracts on demand - choose (latin1) versions for use with Garmin GPSR
        • GMapTool (World Wide) OSM maps for Africa, Asia, Poland, South America and USA <--- My Personal Favorite!!!
        • OpenTopoMap (World Wide) Frequently updated topo map downloads for Garmin devices and mapping programs
        • OpenMTBMap (World Wide) Get the most popular OSM based maps for mountain biking worldwide
        • Freizeitkarte Project (Europe) Frequently updated OSM based routable maps for European destinations
        • Frikart (Europe) Excellent topographical hiking and road maps based on OpenStreetMap data
        • CalTopo (USA) Choose from multiple data sources to generate custom KMZ maps for your Garmin GPSr
        • Southwest Trails (USA) A crowd sourced compilation of trail maps covering the southwest USA
        • Switchbacks.com (USA) A frequently updated collection of highly detailed maps for the Pacific Northwest
        • ShonkyMaps (Australia) Topographic map coverage for all of Australia
        • MotoMap (North America) Adventure Motorcycling Maps for the US and Canada


I have marked my personal favorite that I load on all my Garmin devices.



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