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Drive in caches in New Zealand

The Spindoctors

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I too am planning a trip to New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand January 15th to February 15th. Australia February 15th to March 23. Since I am new to Geocaching I am amazed at what I didn't know went on in this world. I also want to thank you for the location of the information. I hope to find at least one cache in each country. I will have my wife, brother inlaw, and Grand Daughter with me so I don't want any thing too strenuous. My wife says she won't go with me Geocaching in Australia. She's affair of snakes. So Spindoc Bob is it that dangerous in Australia? :-)


School Boy

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If you read Lonely Planet for Australia than you'd probably stay away. Snakes are no more of a threat than crossing the road (remeber to look the OTHER way).


There are plenty of suburban caches in each of the capital cities.


Having said that, February and March are the warmer months of the year and snakes will be more active than in the winter (July). I've only seen about a dozen in my live time, and most were in the bush (atcually I think I saw more in southern Mexico in four weeks!).


Just that note of where you walk when in long grass and you'll be OK.


Which cities are you visiting in Australia?

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