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  1. At this stage all geocoins have been accounted for. Replying to emails. Thank you for your interest.
  2. I'm clearing out a number of duplicate geocoins (unactivated) I do not need. The geocoins are: Geocaching NSW 2012 (Sydney Harbour) x 2 Australian 2008 Gold (Emu) x 2 Australian 2008 Silver (Emu) Australian 2009 Gold (Wombat) x 2 Canterbury Earthquake 7.1 (2010) Podcacher 2008 x 2 It's not about the numbers Full set of photos can be found here - https://www.flickr.com/photos/darrenosborne/sets/72157644423187934/ Happy to sell each geocoin at US$10. Shipping depending upon quantity and destination. Please contact me via geocaching@darrenosborne.com or via direct message.
  3. You should not post it unless asked to by the owner. It is best to place it near a transport hub or major town. Another geocacher may be traveling to Australia in the near future.
  4. Congratulations guys. Well done. An awesome effort and thank you for taking us along.
  5. I spoke with one of the Magellan marketing people back in June and he said that the GC is, as the name suggests, built for geocaching. The 110 is more for hiking. Go with the GC. Here's a review I did about 18 mths ago. http://darrenosborne.com/2010/05/18/magellan-explorist-gc/ At around $180, it's worth the money.
  6. We want to hear from geocachers across NSW. Fill in our survey and help us shape the association. http://www.geocachingnsw.asn.au/index.php/geonsw/54-membership/199-survey We've had a good number of responses and can see some trends emerging (which we'll share when the survey is closed), but we would dearly love more ... lots more. You don't have to be a member of the association to take part.
  7. Tried it on my HTC Wildfire S (Android) and it works well. A very handy tool that may get me back into Waymarking.
  8. Openstreetmap may be your best bet. The cycle maps include contours. For example - http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=-3.34327697753906&layers=C&lon=152.031211853027&zoom=12 Downloading a 'standard' map for your Garmin 60 isn't too hard. See - http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ But getting the contours may be a bit trickier. I haven't done it, but here's some instructions http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Map_On_Garmin/Cycle_map One final suggestion - the person who creates a set of Garmin maps for Australia does a cycle map version http://www.osmaustralia.org/garmincycle.php. If you contact him, he might do a custom version of PNG for you.
  9. Adding my voice. Would love to see the South Pacific Islands added in too.
  10. You're best placing it in a cache that is labelled a TB hotel, usually near an airport. You shouldn't post them.
  11. When are these souvenirs (especially the Australian ones) being implemented?
  12. Nah.... I figure that's cheating... but there must be some "puzzles for beginners" thing somewhere? Try this http://www.geocachingnsw.asn.au/index.php/geocaching/finding-a-geocache/134-tips-for-solving-puzzle-caches
  13. You can do one of two things: - incorporate the stats from the GCA website http://geocaching.com.au/cacher/statistics/TeamTOSH.net/general (it includes both) - download GSAK (gsak.net), load up your My Finds pocket query and then run a macro called FindStatsGen (plenty of tips on how to run this online). Good luck
  14. Think this is the one you're after http://www.geocaching.com/challenges/CX3858_Face_Lift
  15. I can probably help you out there. Sending you a message now.
  16. David I think akkatracker meant to say that most geocachers in Australia chat on the Forums on the above-listed website. Having said that I'm happy to offer a reason why there may be a difference. It might be the datum of the coordinate system used. Your GPS using WGS84 (AGD84), while the sign on Flinders Island may be based on the old AGD66 system. Each coordinate system assumes a slightly different shape for the Earth. See: http://www.ga.gov.au/earth-monitoring/geodesy/geodetic-datums/about.html BTW - I've been to Greenwich and found the zero longitude line to be about 120 metres away from the actual line - same reason. http://gpsinformation.net/main/greenwich.htm and http://coord.info/GCK7HH
  17. This is contrary to the response Geocaching NSW received from Blacktown City Council. We'll be chasing this matter up further. We are currently starting the process of building a positive relationship with NSW councils, such as with North Sydney Council and more recently with Blacktown City Council. I'm would be interested, as would others, in seeing exactly what was sent by Hammerman/extremepc to the Council and a copy of their reply.
  18. What is your aim here? To disrupt the game or just to annoy everyone? If your problem is with Ministro, you should take it up with him and Groundspeak. I think I'd be correct in saying that the wider geocaching community in Sydney will not appreciate your 'efforts' should Blacktown City Council come back with a negative reply.
  19. t Thank you. Yes I saw that one but as I/we do not know the city all that well, I wasnt sure how far it would be from where we are staying which is George Street. That one certainly would be something different to do. Safe City - TB exchange http://coord.info/GC28ZJ0 is your best bet. It's not that far away from George St - maybe 30 minute walk - but it will take you by a number of geocaches and tourist spots. Failing that, I work nearby (Ultimo) and can meet with you in Chinatown or Darling Harbour. My email is geocaching@darrenosborne.com
  20. Let me know when you come to Sydney. Happy to spend some time showing you around the city and finding some caches along the way.
  21. Akkatracker. Geocaching NSW holds events about every two months. Find out more at http://www.geocachingnsw.asn.au/ We're due for one in October, otherwise there is the Xmas event in late November or early December.
  22. Glennren In no particular order: GCKKTY Five Quay's In A Row by Philma New South Wales, Australia GCC44 #9 Drop Dead Gorgeous by Hounddog, Snifter and the SNAFUADV Team New South Wales, Australia GC15KFN Bush Garden by jacksoni New South Wales, Australia GC14XGC CLIFF HANGER by foundem New South Wales, Australia GC1264W Cox's - The Black Hole by Team Webguy New South Wales, Australia GCGVNB Daylight by Bushrat New South Wales, Australia GC2JPJQ Drop Bears by acaconly New South Wales, Australia GCM1JT Fallen Giant by Climberboy New South Wales, Australia GC2B8K1 Higgins Hidden Valley #3: Bluegum Forest by Yurt New South Wales, Australia GCZV7W Illusions by Philma New South Wales, Australia GC3E Lane Cove by Paul Edwards New South Wales, Australia GC24XZV Madoline Glen by bikerbuddy New South Wales, Australia GC14188 MERMAIDS CAVE by foundem New South Wales, Australia GCZTF1 NUMANTIA FALLS by banksia777 New South Wales, Australia GCH9WZ Nuts, Bolts and Tools by The Oompas New South Wales, Australia GCTK1Z Royalty with a view!!! by maty061 New South Wales, Australia GCMVVN Solo Man - Re-loaded by stubby holder New South Wales, Australia GC2DE0V The Bad Man - EK Phone Home by The Bad Man New South Wales, Australia GC24C7 The Final Cut by Ideology Geocaching New South Wales, Australia GC12GNM The Pub With No Beer by Short Circuits New South Wales, Australia GC1V44D The Three Sisters EarthCache by AussieCacher New South Wales, Australia BTW - Have you searched your area and sorted by Favourite votes?
  23. Richard First off, here's my review of the unit last year http://darrenosborne.com/2010/04/20/lowrance-endura-sierra-review/ Second, don't get it. Since that review, there has been NO software update for the AusPac units. This means the issues I had with the unit are still there. Some were sorted out with the US and Europe models, but not here. Also, the maps are awful. The topo maps are poor in resolution and the terrain maps only appear at a low zoom setting. If you're currently using an 'old' Garmin, I'd recommend either the GPSMap62 or one of the yet-to-be released eTrex 20 or 30 units. It depends on your budget. You can also get free routable maps via OpenStreetMap for these. An alternative is the Magellan eXplorist range. The eXplorist GC (http://darrenosborne.com/2010/05/18/magellan-explorist-gc/) is a small and simple unit. If you have more money consider the 510 or 610 units. Once again, you can create OSM maps for them (510, 610 and 710).
  24. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2011 In accordance with the association's rules, an Annual General Meeting has been set for Sunday 7 August 2011. It will be held at the Carlingford Bowling Club, starting at 10.30 am. The meeting will include the election of the committee for 2011/2012. More information - http://www.geocachingnsw.asn.au/index.php/news/1-events/158-annual-general-meeting-2011
  25. I don't understand what pjmpjm has done that is wrong. The cache was placed without permission (you mentioned this in your archive log) and security asked no one to be there. If the area becomes a library or community hall in the future then you should consider replacing it - although I'd ask permission so that the staff don't get spooky by crazy geocachers lurking around. Overall, I think pjmpjm has done the geocaching community a service in alerting us not to go there in case we get into further trouble. I've never had any problems with pjmpjm and have found him to be a responsible and decent geocacher. I would have done the same thing in this set of circumstances.
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