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Cache submission forms are all wobbly tonight

Viajero Perdido
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1. I can't upload a background image from the edit page for a new event.  The button appears then is censored, disappears immediately.

2. I can't click Submit for Review button on this page; nothing happens.  All details were already provided, except BG image.

3. Here and there, warnings I'm trying to leave the site, abandon changes?  No, you're confused.


I'm using two different browsers, Brave on Android, Firefox on Linux with NoScript disabled, same results.  Hello from Portugal (VPN), with a few sites firewalled as they've been for years (no cookiebot) with no prior problems.


EDIT:  Half an hour later, it works, go figure.  (Are all your web-facing servers configured identically?)  This time I see a drop-here box and link to upload a BG image, but I could swear it wasn't there before.  And (bizarrely) it still shows a Browse button for that image before immediately hiding it.  Vestigal code?


Anyway, in case other people are having trouble too, there's some info.



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