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Ok, I ended up in the deep end. Those of you who get or can get the Waikato times might like to check out the article on page 4 today. For everyone else you can check out the online version at http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/waikatotimes/0,2106,2013169a6579,00.html Forgive the red face and strained look on my face, I was lying facing downhill with hy head lifted as high as possible for that shoot. It's surprising how long it can take to get one of those photo's. The cache is surprisingly clear considering it is in a small cavern almost, and was a reasonable distance away, hence it appears small. All in all I'm not complaining, good publicity in my opinion. L8rz icon_wink.gif

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Ok, my turn to be embarrased again, this time it was the Bay of Plenty Times, on Page 15 this time. A quite respectably sized article. As usual I Hate photographs, so no comment there. There's a couple of "Quotes" I'd of had removed if I'd been given a proof read, but all in all not a bad article. As they say, any publicity is good publicity? Hopefully will have an online picture of it for you all to look at shortly. icon_wink.gif

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No mention of Geocaching.com again - thankfully it comes up first on most search engines... now that you are a celebrity, maybe you should contact Tone magazine again (I think THG tried once before) so see if they are interested.


Anyone out there start caching after seeing one of Neills other articles?




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Big Nick wanted to know if anyone has joined re that article... Well that would be me (us).. Its taken a bit of getting organised (getting a GPS, learning to use it, learning to convert co-ordinates, getting some mapdata together, studying the website) but well worth while. I used to just stomp thru the bush for the fun of it but now there's a purpose and that makes it much more fun.


I have some serious country east of me and would be curious to know what calibre of geocacher we have? If I put a cache in the Ureweras or Raukumaras (say a days tramp in and another day back) would anyone bother to look for it? I guess the only thing I can do is bung it in and find out. A little questionaire on the route should eliminate helicopters based geocachers icon_smile.gif

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