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Need to detect when an item is not open


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My latest Wherigo creation has an item in the inventory which has a 'power level'.
When the item is open, the power goes down. When it is not open the power builds back up again.
I do this by having a 'close' button on the item which sets a 'recharging=true' flag and then shows to the main screen.
An interval timer then checks the state of the of the recharging flag and incrments a counter
This does, of course, work fine because I wrote it and I tested it. However, if someone were to click the back button or home button (depending on the device), the recharging=true flag won't get set.
So, my question is: Is there a way of detecting when the main screen is being displayed or when an item is no longer being displayed?
I thought maybe the item.opened flag might indicate if an item is open but doesn't look like it

I'm using Urwigo builder and it's possible there is an un-implemented attribute I need to access in code

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